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* How important is religion in your life?



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Thinking about your life these days, how often do you attend religious services,
not counting social obligations such as weddings or funerals?


(Note: please include religious services held in private homes, as long as they involve several people
coming together to worship or pray. Do not include any practices you do by yourself.)


Think of this ladder, below, as representing where people stand economically in your country.

At the top of the ladder are the people who are the best off - those who have the most money, the most education, and the most respected jobs. At the bottom are the people who are the worst off - who have the least money, the least education, and the least respected jobs or no job. The higher up you are on this ladder, the closer you are to the people at the very top; the lower you are, the closer you are to the people at the very bottom.

Where would you place yourself on this ladder?

Please choose the button corresponding to the position on the ladder where you think you stand at this time in your life, compared to people in your country.


How many years of education you have completed?


Here are some possible meanings for years of education; you might have to make adjustments depending on where you live.
The main thing is to choose the right number of years of education completed.
    1: This might mean - Completed first grade in elementary school
    6: This might mean - Completed elementary school
    7: This might mean - Some high school
  10: This might mean - Some high school
  11: This might mean - Completed trade or specialized training
  12: This might mean - Completed high school
  13: This might mean - Some college or university
  14: This might mean - Completed 2-year college degree (associate's)
  16: This might mean - Completed 4-year college degree (bachelor's)
  17: This might mean - Some graduate school
  18: This might mean - Completed master's degree
  20: This might mean - Professional doctoral degree (e.g., MD, JD, DMin)
  21: This might mean - Academic doctoral degree (e.g. PhD, DPhil)


* When it comes to politics, do you think of yourself as liberal, moderate, conservative, or something else?


(The terms used in your country may differ. "Liberal" is intended to include the Left, progressives, and in some countries socialists.
"Conservative" is intended to include the Right, traditionalists, and in some countries Christian Democrats.)


In general, how liberal (left-wing) or conservative (right-wing) are you on social issues?



In general, how liberal (left-wing) or conservative (right-wing) are you on economic issues?



Some people don't pay much attention to politics. How about you? Would you say that you are:



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